JSFoo 2018

JSFoo 2018

On JavaScript and Security

Shyam Seshadri


One Code to Rule Them All - Developing Native Android / iOS app + Web App with one common codebase

Submitted May 30, 2018

This talk covers an approach of how it might be possible to develop a native android, native iOS and a web app, while using the same codebase for the most part, and just writing specific views. In particular, the talk will go into details on how we accomplished this at our startup and pushed a production Android and Web app using NativeScript + Angular.

This talk is intended for any team that wants to leverage the same logic and just build different UI’s when needed, and rapidly develop performant applications.


The talk will cover

  • The reasons why we keep striving for reuse
  • Advent of ReactNative, Nativescript
  • Quick intro to Angular & Nativescript
  • What it takes to accomplish one common code base
  • THe tool kit
  • The exact details of how we accomplished it at ReStok
  • Learnings and key takeaways

Speaker bio

Shyam is a seasoned techie, and was part of the original team at Google which developed Angular. An Ex-Googler and an Ex-Amazonian, he has also Headed Engineering at Hopscotch. He has written three books on Angular for O’Reilly, and conducted multiple workshops and trainings for AngularJS and NodeJS in the past (including at JSFoo in the past!). He is currently the CEO at his new startup, ReStok, and still tinkers around with technology in his spare time.



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