JSFoo 2018

JSFoo 2018

On JavaScript and Security

Pulkit Juneja


Markerless Augmented Reality using three.js

Submitted May 31, 2018

Three.ar.js is an extension for three.js that allows developers to create pure markerless AR apps using javascript. It does so by leveraging the power of ARkit on IOS and ARcore on android. We will first g through the basics of markerless AR and how it works, followed by a hands-on session in which the participants will create their very own AR application


Plan for the workshop

  • A session on the basics of markerless AR and how does it wor
  • Hands on session guiding the audience through making an Augmented reality experience in three.js

What will be covered

  • The working of markerless AR (world tracking scene understanding)
  • Basics of three.js and three.ar.js
  • using three.js and Arkit Api to create an augmented reality experience


Laptops and mobiles with support for arkit or arcore

Speaker bio

  1. Pulkit Juneja is a software developer and computer graphics enthusiast currently working at Mckinsey Digital labs. His area of specialization include full stack application development, game development, computer graphics and AR/VR. He is a self motivated individual who likes to take up challenging projects in his free time constatnly improving himslef.

  2. Aritra Ghosh is Application developer and devops engineer currently working for Mckinsey Digital Labs. his area of specializations include distributed systems, backend technologies and AR/VR. He is an active open source contributor and likes to experiment with new technologies in his free time




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