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MySQL 8 loves JavaScript

Submitted May 31, 2018

MySQL 8.0 which has recently gone GA is now a fully functioning NoSQL and SQL database.
The newly introduced X-Shell allows users to create interactive JavaScript programs for DevOps, Database Management and applications. The new Node.JS connector is also aware that it is interacting with a cluster of MySQL Servers e.g. it is also capable of performing an auto failover.
This session will also introduce the new CRUD based JavaScript functions which allow MySQL 8.0 to be a fully compatible NoSQL database.
We also illustrate how the new MySQL Node.JS connector leverages the new X DevAPI to interact with native JSON documents.


This is a brand new happening with our latest MySQL8.0 just delivered GA a few weeks ago.

So I do not have slides yet.

The slide flow will have a slide or 2 each on the

  • MySQL Node.JS,

  • Interactive Shell,

3-4 slides each on :

  • JSON story allowing MySQL to be a SQL+NoSQL database,

  • JSON Functions availability and usage in Node.JS connector

  • Automatic failover setup and implementation using Node.JS

Speaker bio

I have been a speaker most recently at GIDS2018 besides that I have spoken at Open Source India as well as at Oracle open world. We also have a open community MySQL meetup at our office every quarter.
My core interests are in open source and I have been working in open source databases since the last 13 years.
It will be purely technical session. We are core developers who deliver regular talks. We have some idea on what your audience interest will be.


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