JSFoo 2018

JSFoo 2018

On JavaScript and Security

Ashrith Kulai


VueJS at Olacabs

Submitted Aug 23, 2018

How we chose a framework for entire org of Olacabs.com. What frameworks did we consider? Why Did we chose VueJs? One Web - The wrapper around VueJS that helps us use it at scale.


  • Need for a central framework for Olacabs
  • Frameworks considered
  • One Web - The wrapper around VueJS
  • One Web - The Why and How
  • Org wide adaptation
  • Component library
  • Success stories across org

Speaker bio

Ashrith Kulai is one of the core contributors to the Olacabs PWA and One Web Library.
OlaCabs is the first ride hailing app in the APAC region to build a PWA.
The PWA he built was showcased at Google IO 2017 and JSFOO 2017.
Currently he is leading the Consumer Web platform for Olacabs.com.
Previously he worked for Flipkart’s Seller Platform UI.


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