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Building Test driven and async JS widgets for 3rd party websites using Lightning.js

Submitted Jul 10, 2013

  • Basics of building widgets in Javascript.
  • Making your widgets async and sandboxed.
  • Using Lightning.js.
  • Thoughts on packaging everything together.
  • Test Driven widgets


3rd party JS is on the rise. From contact form tabs to like/tweet buttons, you see 3rd party JS everywhere. In this talk, we will see how one can go about building widgets in javascript. We’ll learn how to minimize impact on load times and make sure that we don’t mess with JS on the host page. Why you should consider using lightning.js to make your life easier and thoughts on packaging everything. We’ll share our experience building a widget for whatsnew.io

Speaker bio

Bilal Budhani is a front end hacker in SupportBee Inc and has been involved in building a variety of great products including SupportBee.com, WhatsNew.io, AdsHub etc. He is a self-learned passionate developer.

Find out more about him on http://bilalbudhani.me or ping him on http://twitter.com/BilalBudhani


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