GenerativeAI July Meetup

GenerativeAI July Meetup

Meet and Greet Humans Talking about Generation using AI

Nirant K

Nirant K


AI4Bharat / Sarvam

Submitted Jul 29, 2023

Pratyush is a researcher at Microsoft Research and AI4Bharat (IIT M) with a focus on systems and deep learning for language technologies. He is deeply interested in realising AI as a force of social good.

Talk Theme: Brief story of AI4Bharat - the mission and what we have achieved. Will then move on to LLMs, provide some technical insight into intrinsic dimensionality in deep learning, and his take on how innovation will develop in building custom LLMs

Slides are here


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Generative AI meetup for ChatGPT, Stable Diffusion/DALL-E and related technologies

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