Fragments 2019

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MVI architecture on Android without RxJava

Submitted by Ratul Sarna (@rdsarna) on Feb 19, 2019

Section: Full talk Technical level: Intermediate Status: Rejected


Unidirectional data flow patterns such as MVI are catching up steam in the Android community as they give provide a cleaner way to develop and debug frontend applications. But working with such a pattern requires a reasonable level of proficiency with reactive streams like RxJava. My talk would help build a similar pattern without using RxJava and instead using only Android Architecture Components like LiveData.


  • Why MVI pattern is beneficial.
  • Briefly, how MVI pattern is usually implemented using RxJava.
  • How RxJava might not always be a good choice for your project.
  • Brief overview of Coroutines
  • Demo
  • Implement MVI architecture step by step using LiveData and coroutines
  • How this pattern allows simpler Unit Tests

Speaker bio

Android Developer at Roadzen Technologies
Over four years of experience with startups and experimenter of Android architectures and scalability.



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