The Fifth Elephant 2023 Monsoon

On AI, industrial applications of ML, and MLOps



The Fifth Elephant 2023 Monsoon Edition event recap is now up here . The event was attended by 192 participants, of which one-fourth were women. The Fifth Elephant videos are available to watch here

Event highlights:


The 2023 Monsoon edition is curated by:

  1. Nischal HP, Vice President of Data Engineering and Data Science at Scoutbee. Nischal curated the MLOps conference which was held online between 23 and 27 July 2021.
  2. Sumod Mohan, Founder and CEO at AutoInfer. Sumod curated Anthill Inside 2019 edition, held in Bangalore on 23 November.

Tracks and themes

  1. AI and Research - covers research, findings, and solutions for challenges on building models in various areas such as fraud detection, forecasting, and analytics. This track delves into the latest methodologies for handling challenges such as large-scale data processing, distributed computing, and optimizing model performance.
  2. Industrial applications of ML - covers implementation of AI in the industry, with more focus on the AI models, the issues in training, gathering data so, and so forth. ML is being used at scale in industries such as automotive, mechanical, manufacturing, agriculture, and such domains. This track focuses on the challenges in this space, as we see innovation coming out of these industries in the pursuit of using ML on a second-to-second basis.
  3. AI and Product - covers strategies for building AI products to scale and mitigating challenges. This track provides insights on incorporating AI tools and forecasting techniques to improve model training, developing a working model architecture, and using data in the business context.

There are three phases in the lifecycle of an application - research, application and aftermath of the application.

  1. Assess capabilities, determining the new frontiers for AI.
  2. Find a use for the application.
  3. Learn how to run it, monitor it and update it with time.

The three tracks at the 2023 Monsoon edition of The Fifth Elephant will cover this lifecycle.

Members-only conference

The Fifth Elephant 2023 Monsoon edition will be held in-person. Attendance is open to The Fifth Elephant members only. Pick a membership to attend the in-person conference. If you have questions about participation, post a comment here.

Who will benefit from participating in The Fifth Elephant community:

  1. Data/MLOps engineers who want to learn about state-of-the-art tools and techniques, especially from domains such as automobile, agri-tech and mechanical industries.
  2. Data scientists who want a deeper understanding of model deployment/governance.
  3. Architects who are building ML workflows that scale.
  4. Tech founders who are building products that require AI or ML.
  5. Product managers, who want to learn about the process of building AI/ML products.
  6. Directors, VPs and senior tech leadership who are building AI/ML teams.


Sponsorship slots are open for:

  1. Infrastructure (GPU, CPU and cloud providers) and developer productivity tool makers who want to evangelise their offering to developers and decision-makers.
  2. Companies seeking tech branding among AI and ML developers.
  3. Venture Capital (VC) firms and investors who want to scan the landscape of innovations and innovators in AI and who want to source leads for investment in the AI and ML space.

Contact information

Join the @fifthel Telegram group or follow @fifthel on Twitter. For any inquiries, call Hasgeek at +91 7676 33 2020.

Featured submissions

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  • Arjun Jain

    Bumpy Roads, High Speeds: My Unexpected Journey from PhD to Tech Entrepreneurship

    Background In 2015, I sold the intellectual property (IP) of my Silicon Valley company, Perceptive Code LLC, to Mercedes Benz. Subsequently, I was tasked with meeting certain milestones as part of the handover process. I chose to complete this task in India, where I aways wanted to be. I successfully downsized our research model, initially consuming 6GB of GPU memory, to a mere 300KB of weights. … more

    29 May 2023

  • Abhinav Dadhich

    Learnings from Building Deep Learning Models for Better Cardiac Care

    Abstract: Echocardiogram(Echo) is one of the common modality that captures state of the heart in the form images and videos. Using Ultrasound technique, an echo study captures multiple cross sections of the heart, termed as Views. Cardiologist utilizes measurements on the basis of these Views to analyse heart functions. In order to automate this process to measure how heart is functioning, an ini… more

    31 May 2023

  • Saurabh Karn Powering breakthrough Conversation AI for every Indian

    Introduction The gap in access to Justice in India is a huge opportunity for AI. Initial field trials from Jugalbandi with farmers, domestic workers and waste pickers presents several lessons in AI product design for all Indians. In this talk we will gain a deeper understanding of the opportunities in addressing access to justice, the design choices in building Jugalbandi and what kind of technic… more

    19 Jun 2023

  • Priyanka Banik

    Adaptive Metric Alignment for Demand Forecasting in Swiggy Instamart

    Link to presentation: Problem statement: Instamart, the quick commerce grocery delivery service of Swiggy gives unparalleled convenience of being able to order, from a huge assortment, across fresh fruits & vegetables/ dairy/FMCG products and accessories for household requirements, parties or fest… more

    16 Jun 2023

  • Schaun Wheeler

    What do you do when A/B tests aren't enough? Validation of massively-parallel adaptive testing using dynamic control matching

    A/B testing is a widely-used paradigm within marketing optimization because it promises identification of causal effects, because it is implemented out of the box in most messaging delivery software platforms, but mostly because it is held up as a “gold standard” for evaluating options. This talk will explain why A/B tests are not a particularly sound method, why businesses rarely choose better (… more

    14 Jun 2023

  • Meghana Negi

    Solving for explainability of fraud detection models

    Problem : At the TnS(Trust and Safety) team at Swiggy, building powerful fraud detection models that operate at high precision while still capturing maximum fraud has been the uber goal. Our system currently operates at a high level of complexity through various interventions, modelling techniques, and semi-supervised training methods while maintaining robustness. For the final downstream model, … more

    16 Jun 2023

  • Sai

    Representation and Reasoning on dynamically composed multimodal structures

    Agenda: 1, A deep understanding of Multimodality as a phenomenon 2. The gist of the Axiomatic treatment of multimodality - covering challenges pertaining to Representation, Alignment, Reasoning, Generation, Transference and Quantification 3. The heart of Graph Neural Network Modeling frameworks including GCNs, Graph Attention and their capacity to model Heterogeneity and spatio-temporality 4. How… more

    20 Jun 2023

  • Namratha Bhat

    Space Models: Optimizing Store Space Allocation at Target

    Problem Statement In the retail industry, Category Managers and Buyers often rely on their experience and instincts when planning the allocation of space in a store. However, these traditional approaches may not be accurate or adaptable to changing market dynamics. Furthermore, numerous factors influencing space planning decisions may go unnoticed by decision makers. more

    30 Jun 2023

  • James

    Evolution of data science roles in the age of low-code tools and LLMs

    Brief : Beyond the analyst,scientist and ML engineer roles, what are the possible evolutions of roles surrounding data science and how we are seeing it develop across different projects in our agritech startup . more

    30 Jun 2023

  • swaroopch Speaker

    Elevating Model Training at DoorDash with Ray

    At DoorDash, machine learning is a key component, used to enhance the experience of merchants, dashers, and customers. As our machine learning use cases keep growing, our forecasting and training pipelines are faced with several challenges like scalability, growing costs, reduced user development velocity and lack of proper debugging/observability. more

    30 Jun 2023

  • Vikram Vij

    Forecasting @ Samsung Ads

    Samsung Ads is an intuitive audience platform that delivers meaningful experiences reaching the right audience across screens, formats and devices. With more than 900M Mobiles and 150M Smart TVs, and the largest first party data set powered by ACR, we help marketers reach targets and enhance experiences that span digital landscapes. The business has grown 10x since 2015. Our foundation is based o… more

    12 May 2023


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Navigating the Credit Seas: A Unified Framework for Credit Risk Modeling in CPG Industry

Navigating the Credit Seas: A Unified Framework for Credit Risk Modeling in CPG Industry

Mradul Jain

33 minutes11 August 2023
Dynamic Control Match: Unleashing Adaptive Testing Power!

Dynamic Control Match: Unleashing Adaptive Testing Power!

Schaun Wheeler - Aampe

35 minutes11 August 2023
AI Career Panel: Stagewise HowTo, New Roles et al

AI Career Panel: Stagewise HowTo, New Roles et al

Arjun Jain, Nirant Kasliwal, Sumod Mohan, Gaurav Aggarwal

1 hour11 August 2023
Sustainability: Design Considerations for Real-World ML-based Process Model Training & IT/OT-to-SaaS Data Integration for Industrial Decarbonization

Sustainability: Design Considerations for Real-World ML-based Process Model Training & IT/OT-to-SaaS Data Integration for Industrial Decarbonization


41 minutes11 August 2023
Transforming Document Curation: LM and Vector Databases at Scale

Transforming Document Curation: LM and Vector Databases at Scale

Samik Raychaudhuri - Auquan

38 minutes11 August 2023


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