Aiko Klostermann


The Deep Learning Showdown: How to pick the right tool for the job?

Submitted Feb 1, 2019

When you have a data centric problem to solve and you look for a technology to support you with this: The machine intelligence landscape can be overwhelming. I analysed the landscape using a data driven approach and condensed the outcome into a consumable from. Additionally I came to the conclusion that there is a set of questions you have to ask yourself to make the best possible choice for your situation. This talk will cover these questions and present the analysis results on the basis of these.

TL;DR: With this simple talk you will know which framework / toolkit / library is best suited for your problem. Machine Learning Consultants hate him!


Talk Duration: 30-45 minutes + Q&A
Slide deck: Talk Recording:

Speaker bio

Aiko works as a consultant and developer for ThoughtWorks. He is passionate about software craftsmanship, clean code and software development methodologies. While working with clients he focusses on improving the development process and code quality of the teams he’s working with. Lately he focusses on delivering large scale machine learning solutions with clients.


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