Akash Khandelwal


Incubation to Production : Building Data Products for ever changing business @Flipkart

Submitted Apr 15, 2019

This talk will cover our journey of taking data products from incubation to production. We saw that via externalizing and crowdsourcing in-lab experiments, we were able to spinoff completely new products via quick prototyping, thereby preparing us for fast evolving business environment as Flipkart grew exponentially.

The main takeaway of this talk will be how to incorporate data thinking while designing products and adapting as business evolves.


Will cover a few case studies covering how we adapted to important business milestones:

  1. Mobile App traffic surpassing Desktop
  2. Scaling From a single seller (WS Retail) to tens of thousands and from handful of categories to thousands.
  3. Launch of new private label business line.

PPT Covering Outline :


Basic Understanding of Building Data Products

Speaker bio

Akash is a software developer with Search Autosuggest team at Flipkart. Previously, he has worked on building Flipkart Recommendation System. He designed real time and batch pipelines to power recommendations, including use cases such as product bundling, similar products and personalisation. He is interested in applying Machine Learning for pattern mining, and deploying data processing pipelines at scale. He graduated with a dual degree in Computer Science & Engineering from IIT Delhi.



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