Kritika Upadhyay


Automatic Accuracy and Compliance

Submitted Jun 15, 2019

This paper is written for an audience with prior or limited experience on Identity and Access Management, focused more on access provisioning and audit coordinations towards compliance and other regulatory requirements.Access provisioning (APS) is divided into four phases: formation of the APS team, stabilizing the team, automating processes and merging compliance requirements onto the database of the APS team. The team was formed to hire and train/coach resources and transfer knowledge from the vendor organization. Stabilizing focused on improving service level metrics and processes for better customer experience. Automating processes addresses the many processes that have been automated to avoid manual intervention. The final phase is the inclusion of compliance requirements, with minimal intervention from auditors and APS team members.


Provisioning and stabilizing
Provisioning and automation
Provisioning and metrics
Provisioning and compliance
Benefits of automation

Speaker bio

Kritika is an Information Security professional with 5 years of experience in the Identity and Access Management domain. She has demonstrated comprehensive expertise as a part of the IAG services team, converging on Access Provisioning services. Kritika pursued her Masters in Information Security and Cyber Laws and is skilled on ITIL Foundation. She is also an ISO 27001 Lead Auditor.



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