The Fifth Elephant 2014

A conference on big data and analytics

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NIMHANS Convention Centre, Bangalore

HasGeek-Nexus powered panel on "Real-time analytics – technologies of today, for tomorrow"

11 September 2014

Keynote: Personalized medicine and big data - Anu Acharya

2 September 2014

Live analytical dashboards at scale - SQL style

Shashwat Agarwal

13 September 2014

Getting your hands dirty with Aerospike

Sunil Sayyaparaju

31 July 2014

Real world machine learning

Harshad Saykhedkar

6 August 2014

CIO Panel

11 September 2014

The ART of Data Mining - Practical Learnings from Real-world Data Mining applications

Shailesh Kumar

1 September 2014

Experimentation to Productization : developing a Dynamic Bidding system for a location aware Mobile landscape

Ekta Grover

6 September 2014

Real Time User-Scoring for Bidding in Display Retargeting

Ambuj Singh

6 September 2014

Apache Tez: Accelerating Hadoop Data Pipelines


4 September 2014

Dr. Hadoop – Diagnose your Hadoop Jobs

Chandraprakash Bhagtani

11 September 2014

De-dup on Hadoop

Neeta Pande

11 September 2014

Scaling Spatial Data - OpenStreetMap as Infrastructure.

Sajjad Anwar

13 September 2014

Analytics on Large Scale, Unstructured, Dynamic Data using Lambda Architecture

Rajesh Muppalla

13 September 2014

Scaling real time visualisations for Elections 2014

Anand S

1 September 2014

Serving user intent : Facebook style notifications using HBase and Event streams

Regunath Balasubramanian

3 September 2014

Circuitscape - A Case Study on Scientific Computing

Viral B. Shah

13 September 2014

How to build a Data Stack from scratch

Vinayak Hegde

11 September 2014

Unified analytics platform for Bigdata

Amareshwari Sriramadasu

11 September 2014

Machine Learning using R : Crash course in Classification Methods

Bargava Subramanian

31 July 2014

Building distributed search applications using Apache SOLR

Saumitra Srivastav

31 July 2014

Sponsored session: What enterprises can learn from real-time bidding

5 September 2014