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Sunil Sayyaparaju


Getting your hands dirty with Aerospike

Submitted Jul 1, 2014

Aerospike is the new open-source NoSQL database. It is easily the fastest clustered NoSQL database solution. It is also well known for its operational easy-of-use. The objective of the workshop is to get your hands dirty with it.


We will go over the following in the workshop

  1. Talk about the architecture of Aerospike
  2. Install, setup, configure
  3. Use tools built around aerospike
  4. Coding using its API (java/node.js)
  5. Using Aerospike in existing app frameworks (TBD)
  6. Using Aerospike on Amazon cloud.
  7. Unleash the high performance of Aerospike

We will organize the people into teams to encourage discussion and mutual help. Also, in the later part of the workshop, the team will use their individual EC2 machines to form a cluster and learn how to deal with cluster.


  • General idea about databases
  • General coding experience

Hardware Requirements:
We will try to provide EC2 machine for everyone to try out. But in the worst case of network failure, its better to have the following as a backup solution.

  • A 64-bit machine. (virtual machine is fine)
  • Atleast 2G RAM
  • Centos 6/RHEL 6/Ubuntu 12.04/Debian 6/Debian 7 OS

Speaker bio

Sunil Sayyaparaju, Engineering Lead at Aerospike, has over 9 years experience working on different types of SQL RDBMS solutions, such as single machine (monolithic), in-memory, distributed shared-disk, and distributed shared-nothing architectures with emphasis in transaction management, storage, access, performance tuning, and recovery areas.

Sunil currently leads Aerospike’s Bangalore office, working on their distributed shared-nothing NoSQL solution. Aerospike is a high-performance, self-balancing, immediately consistent, distributed NoSQL database. Aerospike also has an add on product for replication across data-centers over WAN which supports different complex topologies.

  • we will have multiple presenters


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