droidconIN 2016

The sixth edition of droidconIN

Jack, Jill & Java 8

Chaitanya Nettem

17 minutes25 November 2016

Women in Tech - Panel Discussion

Neha Bagaria and Veena Sonwalkar

1 hour25 November 2016

Proteus: Android Layout Engine

Aditya Sharat

42 minutes26 November 2016

Crafting the perfect MainActivity

Elvis D'Souza

23 minutes25 November 2016

Android development in Enterprise - Birds of Feather (BoF) session

Adnan AM, Amiruddin Nagri, Mario Stallone and Piotr Gurgul

44 minutes26 November 2016

Scalable Espresso Testing

Harshit Bangar

30 minutes26 November 2016

Brillo and weave - IOT, the next thunderstorm

Devavrata Sharma

20 minutes26 November 2016

Building Interfaces with Constraint Layout

Neha Dhanwani

22 minutes26 November 2016

Deflating the LayoutInflater

Saket Narayan

Mutative Design - User, not Users

Faiz Malkani

44 minutes26 November 2016

Android Development at Dropbox

Piotr Gurgul

38 minutes26 November 2016

React native in Production


46 minutes26 November 2016

Rebuilding BookMyShow for Scalability & Maintenance

Adnan A M

50 minutes25 November 2016

Functional MVVM using RxJava and Android Data Binding

Manas Chaudhari

36 minutes25 November 2016

`Rxify`— a simple spell for complex RxJava operators

Garima Jain

44 minutes25 November 2016

The Mutable State Monster and How to Defeat it.

Anup Cowkur

42 minutes25 November 2016

Effective Gradle Scripts for Android Projects

Arun Babu A S P

28 minutes25 November 2016

Firebase Realtime Database deep dive

Soham Mondal

46 minutes25 November 2016
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