droidconIN 2016

The sixth edition of droidconIN

Faiz Malkani


Mutative Design - User, not Users

Submitted Aug 2, 2016

Focus on the user, all else will follow. The splendid user-centric ideology strongly advocated by the Google Design team that - at a glance - makes perfect sense, but take a step back. What empowers us to classify over a billion users, from varying backgrounds and cultures and upbringings; of different ideologies and visions and ages, as one single user and then go on to design for that user?

While doing so produces a user experience better than most, it is still far from the ideal curve, which can also be achieved by morphosis in design - adapting the user interface and experience in accordance with usage patterns. This session aims to cover the various techniques and outputs involved in it, allowing apps to provide an experience tailored for its current user, eliminating possible bottlenecks and hurdles along the way.


  • Breakdown of the ‘design for the user’ philosophy
  • Points where the above philosophy fails
  • Pitfalls and bottlenecks created as a result
  • Need for a more intelligent approach to design
  • Concept of mutative design
  • Areas of application
  • Samples and implementation tangents

Speaker bio

Faiz Malkani is a UI/UX Designer and Android/Web developer currently working at Refly, Fastboot Mobile, LLC and XDA-Developers, and consults with numerous startups from time to time.
Faiz is ardent about community engagement and growth, driving him to maintain a host of open source projects and evangelize design at events across the country like Google Developer Summit, GDG DevFest, Google Design Sprints, Droidcon and Mobile Developer Summit, among others.



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