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Kumar Rangarajan

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[Panel] State of Android Development In India. Is it at par, above par or below par compared to others?

Submitted Oct 8, 2013

This panel discussion is to talk about the state of Android development in India. How ahead or behind the rest of the world are we in India? What is working and not working? What can be done to maintain/improve the situation?

The panel would comprise of senior Android developers and should trigger a healthy debate, esp if they happen to have opposing views.


What is the state of Android development in India? Do we believe we have examplary apps in the ecosystem developed by our local bretheren or do we still look up to the rest of the world in terms of leaders in this space?

This panel discussion is to get the views of senior members from the community to share their views on what is helping or is ailing Android development in India.

Speaker bio

This is a panel discussion and we are planning to get respected members of the community to be the participants in the panel


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