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Kumar Rangarajan

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[Panel] 64 bit Android? Should Android also provide 64 bit support to take on the iPhone?

Submitted Oct 8, 2013

This panel discussion is to talk about how Android should react to the 64 bit annoucement from the iOS world. Apple has taken the mobile world by surprise by introducing a 64 bit version of iOS and thus enabling apps to potentially become more powerful.

Is this a gimmick that the Android world should not pay heed to or is thing something that is relevant and important for the Android ecosystem too?


64 bit! iOS has taken the initial lead in moving up to the 64 bit architecture in its latest iPhone device. Its only a matter of time before iPads also start having 64 bit chips inside them.

What do the panelist feel about this development? Do they feel this is over-rated and over-hyped or this is a natural progression on a path, that Apple has taken a lead and Android needs to follow quickly.

The panel will cover discussions on what the panelist feel about having 64 bit support in Android, the why and whynot discussion.

Speaker bio

This is a panel discussion and we are planning to get respected members of the community to be the participants in the panel


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