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Ravi Vyas


Being an AppEntrepreneur: Building successful apps by thinking like an entrepreneur

Submitted Oct 18, 2013

To be successful in the App Economy you need to be more than just an app developer. Right from the stage of ideation to distribution we need to start wearing different hats to make sure our App becomes a great and successful product.


We as developers build what we build our apps using a developer mindset, always starting arrays at 0, using recursion, writing equations like X+=10. These would confuse a layman. Yet we make apps for the same layman. The same mindset also boxes us in during the development of an app. We sometimes don’t think like our enduser,or like a marketer or a finance person. Some of us are consumed by our passion for engineering which at times hampers how the users sees and uses the app.Building a sucessfull app requires us to wear various hats during the entire life of our app.



Speaker bio

Ravi Vyas drives Developer Products at Vserv.mobi and has over 7 years of experience in the IT / Mobile industry. A mobile evangelist at heart, he has worked in various fields including development, marketing, management and teaching. Ravi holds a Masters degree in Computer Science from Florida State University and is also the Co-Organizer of the Bangalore Android User Group, the largest Android group outside USA.


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