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Aneesh Chandran


Phone Away, an android app which help you to access your mobile remotely

Submitted Oct 18, 2013

Phone Away helps you to access your mobile phone remotely.


Here’s Phone Away for those who panic when they forget to take their phone. Don’t Panic any more, Phone Away is with you. PhoneAway offers an extreme new feature rich experience for users to access their phones remotely. PhoneAway came as a by-product of Livares Technologies-Project RA(Remote Access).

Features of Phone Away,
1.Call Log Flier: Fetch your log remotely: The PhoneAway CALL LOG FLIER feature lets you fetch your call log remotely. This feature fetch and deliver the log list of your phone to your email or any alternate mobile(via sms) so that you never gonna miss any missed calls. The PhoneAway system once activated remotely continues to fetch and deliver all the new log entries.
2.Contact Fetch: Fetch contacts remotely: The PhoneAway CONTACT FETCH feature lets you fetch any contact in your phonebook remotely. This feature fetch and deliver the contact or a list of contacts to your email or any alternate mobile(via sms).
3.Remote Ringer: Ring your silent phone: The PhoneAway REMOTE RINGER feature lets you find your silent phone. This feature make your phone ring loud even in SILENT MODE so that you can find your misplaced silent phone.
4.Locate Phone: Locate phone in map: The PhoneAway LOCATE PHONE feature lets you track the location of your lost phone. PhoneAway shows your phone’s current location in map.

Speaker bio

I am the Co-founder and Chief Operating Oficer of Livares Technologies. Livares is a startup based out in Technopark, Trivandrum.

My role is to drive the innovative product engineering team, develop product road map, collaborate with all stake holders including BOD, customers, marketing, sales and support teams, review product, manage product releases and bug fixing, ensure customer support.

I am also interested in collaborating with innovative and crazy people who believe technology can make this world better.


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