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Prakash Srinivasan


Embedded applications with Android using PIC based ADK

Submitted Nov 13, 2011

Objective of this session is to demonstrating the possibilities of developing embedded system applications on Android platform by using a new PIC based ADK board. This session will including a demonstration of how to write an Java based Android application for controlling a embedded board and how it differs from Arduino ADK.


Android Workbench is a platform with the combination of Android development kit and PIC based ADK embedded board. Not like Arduino, Android Workbench kit no need to touch the microcontroller firmware and it is easy to access all the microcontroller peripherals from the Java language itself.

  • The session will talk about SDK, NDK & ADK
  • Why ADK board
  • Scope of Android platform on embedded systems & Automation Industries.
  • Benefit of PIC based ADK board.
  • Getting started with Android applications development using PIC based kit.
  • Demonstration of accessing PIC hardware board and controlling I/Os & Sensors from Android Mobile/Tablet PC.


  • Participants are expected to understand what is SDK, NDK & ADK. No need to bring anything.
  • We would like to bring upto 5 Android Workbench kits. Participants may feel the real exposure on the hardware if they will be interested.

Speaker bio

  • CTO & Co-Founder of Ethics Technologies, Chennai
  • Having 7+ years of experience in Embedded systems
  • FOSS enthusiast
  • Contributor of open source softwares
  • Conducted more than 25 workshops all over India in acedemic area.
  • Entrepreneur


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