Droidcon India

Droidcon's first Indian edition

Droidcon is India’s first national Android conference and is a part of the worldwide Droidcon series of events. This is a technical conference, for developers by developers.

Sessions are for 45 minutes each (30 speaking, 5 Q&A, 10 transition). We will have three parallel tracks over two days, with 8 sessions per track per day. Workshop sessions are 60 minutes each (50 speaking, 10 minutes for transition between rooms).

We recommend you illustrate your sessions with demos of your own code and applications. Please refrain from making a pitch without explaining how it works, as your primary audience will be developers.

Sessions will be ranked by community voting and selected by a program committee with representation from the local community and the international Droidcon events. Confirmed speakers get free tickets to the event. Anyone who proposes to speak but isn’t confirmed will still get early bird pricing. If you’ve proposed to speak, there’s no need to rush to buy a ticket. We’ll be in touch with you.

Participants may reserve their tickets from http://droidcon.doattend.com.

The event will have three parallel tracks. The list below will be consolidated down to three by the program committee.

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droidconIN is an annual conference on Android, part of the worldwide series of events. more

Aditya Shankar

An Android App - a Deconstruction

Submitted Nov 11, 2011

We’ve built apps that are in use by over a million users to solve a real world problem, AAA Roadside assistance. We’ll deconstruct the app for you, peeling back the layers including design, mixing native and HTML5, maps, GPS, Camera, dealing with fragmentation aided by tracking crash logs, and reporting/analytics.


We’re going to walk through the various components and layers that went into making this app.

First off given that the apps primary purpose in emergency response / assistance, it was important to ensure a clear UI design to get the user the help they needed as quickly as possible.
To maximize shared effort in building an iPhone and Android equivalent of the app, the interface of the app was built using a mix of Native and Web components. A tricky approach given the need to match style and navigation patterns across native & web as well as across iPhone & Android.

Beyond the interface the app’s primary use case involved GPS location services and using a custom maps layer (ie no google maps). And another use case involved the use of cameras.

Put all these components together with a large install base (over half a million users), meant dealing with the Android fragmentation problem head on.

So all in all this is story of what went into building this app and the lessons learnt.


Basic to Intermediate Android programming skills

Speaker bio

Co-founder, Director of Levitum (www.levitum.com) Aditya’s is focused on bringing innovative user experiences to mobile & social applications. A seasoned solutions architect with expertise in building scalable applications that have been deployed to millions of users. Having led efforts to facilitate the increased adoption of these consumer applications, researched, created and implemented effective user experience models. Aditya’s most recently been working on mobile development on Android, and other platforms for 2+ years.


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droidconIN is an annual conference on Android, part of the worldwide series of events. more