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Udayan U


A generic approach to USB development on Android - develop powerful peripherals for Android phones and tablets

Submitted Nov 13, 2011

This would enable Android developers to use the USB device class for data transfer between an Android device and an external USB Host or USB device. Since ADK and BeagleBone boards are already showacased at the conference it would be a great Boost. USB is one of the most powerful and reliable communication interface. On Android USB development is very easy, it will let you build some cool devices !


Large number of Android tablets are out there with powerful USB Hosts. Many Android phones are coming out with USB OTG. In this session you will learn how to transport data over USB to an external USB device. Simple devices such as Mouse, Keyboard and other HID devices will be demoed. Another demo of how USB interface can be used to develop peripherals such as pedometer for Android mobiles will be demoed.



Speaker bio

Speaker has lot of experience with USB firmware development across various USB devices and has fair bit of experience with USB framework on Android. Currently an Applications Engineer at Cypress Semiconductor and founder of the technology website www.tantrajnaan.com


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