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Vanshit Malhotra


Weaponising Artificial Intelligence In Cyber Security
 - The Next Age of Cyber Security Endgame

Submitted Apr 19, 2019

My talk discusses my research on how to integrate AI technologies into cyber security industry intelligently.

There is no doubt that the cyber security threat landscape is evolving with cyber criminals tightly focussed on financial rewards and now we are more exposed to those threats than ever before.With advancements in deep learning; data analytics; machine learning and artificial intelligence - advocates of Artificial Intelligence propose a way of preventing cyber attacks even before they occur.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) - is a powerful tool used by cyber-security companies to scale their response to an escalating threat from the malware industry. The rate at which malware is being created and spread far exceeds the financial and human capability – available to the cyber-security industry. To manually analyse or create rules for each and every new form of emerging threat for them is not a possible task.

So now AI has taken a centre stage in cyber security industry.

Artificial Intelligence in cyber security landscape consists of adaptive Machine Learning (ML) algorithms with the ability to detect and respond to threats as they occur and sometimes before the threats occur.

AI techniques are used in classification of incoming data - to predict whether or not is this data is potentially malicious or not ; or safe for an environment.

Other techniques detect anomalies processing data relatively quickly in real time treating the incoming data as a stream instead of collecting data at every single point and then using algorithms that can track what standards of behaviour seems to qualify as normal and look for deviations thereupon that might signify that there has been an intrusion or hack.
And then the third technique AI uses is called Probabilistic Programming (PP) which is a set of computational language that doesn’t write computer programs deterministically using if- then rules but can set out a distribution of probabilities.

But is this solution good enough ?

The Impact of Machine Learning (ML), more generally referred as Artificial Intelligence (AI) is such on the cyber security industry that professionals no longer trust in traditional Antivirus systems and to them AI seems the next logical step.
In this paper I will be sharing some of my research that shows Artificial Intelligence is the next evolutionary stride for the Cyber Security Industry.


Flow of Talk --

AI Is Already Around Us
Problems with Traditional Cyber Security Solutions
The Cyber Security Threat Landscape
The Need for [AI] In Cyber Security
[Artificial Intelligence] - WHY now
Is [AI] Magic ?
[Artificial Intelligence] The Solution To Cyber Security
[AI] In Cyber Security
[AI] Driven Cyber Security
The Future Of AI For Cyber Security Solutions
The Future Of Cyber Security Solutions - [AI]

Speaker bio

Vanshit Malhotra has been a Cyber Security Researcher for more than 8 years and possess knowledge in all aspects of IT security testing and implementation with expertise in solution building for large organisations, managing cross-cultural teams and planning & execution of security needs beyond national boundaries. He is a cyber security Specialist, passionate about hacking, more for the intellectual challenge, curiosity & adventure.

Vanshit Malhotra has been an Investigator of Industrial Espionage, Insider Threats and numerous Cyber Crimes. He has also authored numerous published research papers, articles and blogs. He is a sought after public Speaker and Cyber Security Researcher, presenting his research at many international security conferences such as “HACKON-2016”, “HACKTECH 2017”, "National Cyber Safety and Security Standards (NCDRC) 2017”, “c0c0n X 2017”, ”HAKON 2017”.

In his current profile, he leads team super specialists in cyber security to protect various clients from Cyber Security threats and network intrusion by providing necessary solutions and services to institutions and organisations.

Social Profile
LinkedIn : @vanshitmalhotra
Twitter : @vanshitmalhotra
Facebook : @vanshitmalhotrareal


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