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Mitesh Ashar


Anish TP

Anish TP


Definition Lists Test Content

Submitted Jan 10, 2023

Term 1 with inline markup

Definition 1 long form.
This is lazy continuation.
Still not a paragraph break.

Any more blocks have to be indented and a newline before them, to remain a continuation of the definition. This is a second paragraph that has markdown; 22 = 4.

A code block
// A code fence
let dl_index = 1;
Term 2: One definition list can have multiple definitions!

Definition 2a compact style

Definition 2b

Now let us check for the overload with ~, meant for subscripts.
8O2: Oxygen.

We can mix and match. This paragraph will remain a part of this definition list.

Let’s look at using more complicated blocks.

  • Start a list.


{{ gettext('Login to leave a comment') }}

{{ gettext('Post a comment…') }}
{{ gettext('New comment') }}
{{ formTitle }}

{{ errorMsg }}

{{ gettext('No comments posted yet') }}

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