Performances & Installations

Performances and Installations at The Goa Project 2016

Shazia Ahmad


Hug me, I'm Pakistani!

Submitted Jan 12, 2016

If we have gotten over #ProfileForPeace/Aman ki Asha already, can we focus on how much fun we can have together?


Sania Mirza is misunderstood, and who better to know that than me? I’m a Pakistani married to an Indian man. I’m not going to be your boring bahu. You can ask me anything and we’ll talk about true love across borders. But you can ask me only one question, okay?


Open mind/sense of humour/equanimity about cricket and movies.

Speaker bio

Shazia IS. But they won’t let Shazia BE. And they can’t stop Shazia from being a pop culture nerd, writer, feminist, and married.


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