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Performances and Installations at The Goa Project 2016

Nihaarika Negi


36 Questions In Proximity Of A Conversation

Submitted Jan 16, 2016

When was the last time you spoke with someone in a way that really mattered?
The time you had a real conversation with somebody outside of your social circle? Or inside it?
When were you able to listen to the remnants of conversations left in space, to a silent room, to the lines on another’s face?

We can’t remember. Our memory is scented. It lingers in our bones, but we can’t quite place it.
So we decided to make space for answers to questions that never came.

36 Questions in Proximity Of A Conversation is a participatory piece about making space for listening, repsonding and play.
It is about placing the audience at the center of the live/performative experience - where they are the creators, the performers and the audience of the piece - simultaneosuly.


Two people
in a space
Lying between them
a number of increasingly personal questions and the promise of a conversation

Twenty years ago, psychologist Arthur Aron develped a series of 36 increasingly personal questions that when engaged with, could accelerate intimacy between strangers. These questions circle around areas of intimacy, fears, childhood, aspiration and death.
Using them as a framework, we would like to propose a durational performance installation which examines ‘what it means to be in honesty with another at any given moment.’

A table with two chairs. A series of these laid out in space.
Each of the participating audiences take a place assigned to them.
They find themselves seated across from another audience member. A stranger.
Between them, lie 36 Questions and a list of instructions/ tasks.

Whenever they are ready, this part-game part-conversation can begin.
It lasts as long as the questions last. As long as the answers last.

Through all this we are interested in opening up the space for conversing about those seemingly quiet but urgent matters that we scarcely speak of.
Of discovering ways of being truly present with another.
Of exploring the performative quality of conversations.
Of creating places of intimacy within public settings.
We wish to do this so we can commune. So we are not lost.

This would be followed by an informal Q & A session/ discussion.
In this we would also like to share/talk about work that we’ve made in the past using these questions as a point of departure.


Appropriate number of tables and chairs.
The participants could bring their open, adventurous, exploratory selves.

Speaker bio

acceleratedinitmacy is a Mumbai-based group of International practitioners who seek to explore how theatre and performance can be made relevant to our present life, how it can be made playful, live and constantly in conversation with another. We are interested in making theatre that puts the audience at the center of the live experience. Our latest work ‘36 Questions In Proximity of A Conversation’ is a 6-hour long immersive participatory performance project that occurs at found-sites and explores ‘what it means to be truly present with another.’
The group comprises Nihaarika Negi, Scherazade Kaikobad, Aalisha Sheth and Anjali Patil.

Nihaarika Negi is a contemporary performance practitioner, an actor, a filmmaker and a screenwriter. She holds an MA in Physical Performance and Actor-Training from the University of Exeter (under Phillip Zarrilli). She has worked in the UK with companies like The Wrestling School, Roundhouse, Battersea Arts Center, Artsadmin, SPILL Festival. She is the writer/director of the independent film ‘Labours Of (An)Other Solipsist’ and the writer of ‘The Threshold’ (dir: Pushan Kriplani).

Scherezade Kaikobad is a performer and theatre practitioner. She holds a PG Diploma in acting from the National School Of Drama and has written on theatre for several publications.

Aalisha Sheth is an aesthete, a creative producer and a writer/performer. She holds a BA in Literary & Cultural Studies and Theatre from FLAME University (Pune) and has completed the Professionals Program in Producing from UCLA.

Anjali Patil is a National-Award winning film actor. She hold a PG Diploma in Theatre & Design from the National School Of Drama.


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