Performances & Installations

Performances and Installations at The Goa Project 2016

All artists need an audience. That is the reason why Open Mics and Open theatres are the experimental spaces where existing art forms and new experiments find their legs. With an audience like that, that comes to The Goa Project, you find an audience that is open minded, social, vocal but also empathetic and experimental. If you are a musician (or a band) or a mime artist, or a theatre group that is coming up and need a stage to perform, we are happy to lend you ours.

These performances do go through a round of curation, just to make sure we are doing justice to the audience and their attention - but rest assured that this is a pro-artist track where we welcome the bold, the creative and the strange. Go ahead, unleash your creative license!

Do you have a concept that you want to showcase? An art piece or an interaction area that you want to setup? You can.

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#The Goa Project Funnel The Goa Project is an unconference - where unlike a typical conference, the talks are not put together by a panel or knowledge partner - but is proposed by the attendees themselves. You propose a session or talk that might be of interest to the audience at the unconference, … more