The Goa Project 2016

The Goa Project is an unconference of people from different walks of life coming together to share, learn and sparking new ideas.

The Goa Project

Update: The deadline for session proposals has crossed. We are not taking any more proposals

The Goa Project is an unconference of people from different walks of life. People coming together to share what they have found, discovered and invented - learning, sharing and sparking new ideas.

If you have a topic, skill or insight that you believe is worth conducting a debate, discussion, talk, workshop on, go on and use the Funnel to nominate a session for it. If you are a performer - be it a solo act, a band, a magician, or an artist, nominate your performance under the section performance. Performers will be given a slot in the evenings once the session wraps up.

We will call for votes and use the opinion of our event participants as a key factor to decide which sessions make it into the final agenda.

Additionally, each track has one or two curators whose responsibility is to ensure that the quality of sessions is held to the highest content value standard. Curators will consider various parameters to decide the sessions and the time slot alloted for each.

We have a framework of tracks - Society, Design, Interactive Media & Cinema, Fringe, Music, Performing Arts, Entrepreneurship etc. and a separate track for workshops. We will define these tracks in the next step of the Funnel with YOUR contributions.

Have a topic in mind? Want to stir up a spark? Nominate your session!

(Note: Topics related to religion and politics are not accepted.)

Speakers whose talks are accepted into the final list will receive a complimentary pass to the unconference. Those whose nominations did not make it into the final shortlist will be given a chance to register at the rates as of date of submission of the proposal.

Deadline for Submission and voting of proposals: January 18th, 2016


Bay 15, Dona Paula, Panjim, Goa


Goa, IN