Performances & Installations

Performances and Installations at The Goa Project 2016

Shivani Tibrewala



Submitted Dec 26, 2015

to provoke, to arouse, to entertain, to infuriate, to stimulate, to annihilate.


A hilarious socio-political satire about a bunch of crazy people who need help amd come right out and ask for it. A world where help is readily available - as long as your request is a reasonable one. the question is - what is finally reasonable? and what kind of a world is it that we are striving for?


a small stage/raised platform, lights and a sound system.

Speaker bio

I have written, directed and produced about a dozen plays over the last decade. Helpdesk continues to be a top favourite for my team and audiences alike. we have taken it to Delhi and Roorkee- would love to perform it for the thinkers of the Goa Fest - the wicked humour is likely to find resonance there. and may spark an interesting discussion on what Utopia means today.


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