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The Music track of The Goa Project 2016

Bantering Ram


Running a successful DIY Indie music tour

Submitted Jan 11, 2016

To break the myth that an ‘Indie’ music tour in India is not viable.


Although the niche ‘Independent’ music in the country is growing, it is a cash- and resource-strapped scene. While touring is de rigueur in the West, it’s not quite taken off among Indie musicians. Logistic and financial blocks stymy efforts of bands to expand their geographical reach and a wider audience. A DIY tour last year helped break down some those barriers last year and set a template for a successful, profitable touring culture. This talk is about the why and how of that.


An open-minded interest in music.

Speaker bio

Ram has been an avid supporter of the small but dedicated Indie music scene in India for a few years - volunteering at music festivals, managing gig production, writing, promoting, managing the stage and running a non-sponsored DIY music tour (probably the only one of its kind in the country). His murky past is steeped in analytics, advertsising, market research and information technology.



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