Music & Sound

The Music track of The Goa Project 2016

Music and the creation of pleasant sound is something that is an art by itself. Be it instruments, or the human voice the topic deserves a track all to itself - and is also a space that is still quite nascent in a country like India.

We are looking for topics around ... songwriting, managing and promoting your own band, musical instruments (there are some pretty cool things happening with tech there), discussions around music genre, sound engineering, discussions for and with audiophiles - even a bit around sound mixing or synthesizing and sound production (though a bit of the last one will come in sound engineering).

We’d also imagine you’ll have topics and conversations to share around singing lessons (maybe your experience with it - and if you figured out if you have the winning voice), discussions around music education, the impact of music on the soul and person, or even if you want to start a debate on different genres or styles of music.

If you have some insights around any of these, are would consider yourself an expert - or want to moderate a session (and invite some experts) please do.

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