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The Music track of The Goa Project 2016

Ritika Aggarwal


Music Therapy: Introduction & Demo

Submitted Jan 11, 2016

  1. To understand what music therapy is
  2. To use music as a medium to connect with an inner rhythm


Music is an integral part of all our lives. But did you know you could use it to heal yourself?

Every human being has an innate rhythm – whether that is the sound of their own heart beat or the blood throbbing in their veins. This rhythm is likely to sync with the rhythm that one craves outside.

All individuals, regardless of age or musical background, have a basic capacity for musical expression and appreciation. The process of human development prepares everyone, at a basic level, with the potential to sing, play simple instruments, move to music, react/respond to the elements of sound, perceive relationships between sounds, remember music, visualise music and ascribe meaning to a musical experience.

Music Therapy is at its nascent stage in India. This interactive session will give you an orientation about music therapy along with a few fun exercises so that you can test it out and connect with yourselves.


Nothing. Just come and enjoy

Speaker bio

Ritika Aggarwal is a mental health professional, currently working with adults and children across various departments at a leading hospital in Mumbai. She has also studied Music Therapy and conducts seminars/ workshops on the same with Mrs. Poornima Aggarwal, a singer & music therapist.


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