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Anindo Ghosh

@anindo Proposing

The #100SareePact Proposal

Submitted Jan 15, 2016

To show how a simple idea that stemmed from a conversation between two virtual friends brought people across the globe together over their love for sarees and stories. To understand why a hashtag went viral and what it meant to several people.


2015 was the year that saw women, men and children from across the world share saree stories on social media. The saree far more than language, food, economics is the thread that runs through the vein of India, Indians and anyone associated with Indianess. People used the saree as a medium to touch empathy, kindness, generosity, inclusiveness and positivity – all singular points unique to our emotional connect. The session will show why the #100sareepact is relevant to all of us and explore the tools that ordinary women used to tell extraordinary stories through something as common yet beautiful as the Indian saree.

Hear from women who embraced the pact and made it their own. Although the pact was founded by Ally Matthan and Anju Maudgal Kadam, several women and men embraced it and made it their own. Hundreds of unique voices came together in a choral transformatiom.

Speaker bio

Deeptha Vivekanand is a professional story-teller . The #100sareepact drove her to dwelve deep into herself and find points of communication that touched a chord with women who related to the stories that her sarees told. Be amazed as she unfolds this magic

Monika Manchanda is a blogger and food person. She comes from a very different background from Deeptha, yet the sarees she wore spoke a language common to so many others . Join her as she talks you through a passion that she has lived with for years.

Ally Matthan is a fragrance person and manufacturer of Areev a personal skincare brand. Her experience from the #100sareepact moved her into a different world. Weavers, designers, activists – different stories , with a single medium.


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