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Manek D'Silva


The Art of Remix. Breathing new life into old ideas.

Submitted Jan 14, 2016

Art of Remix header

“Good artists copy, great artists steal.” - Pablo Picasso

This talk will attempt to discover the role of a remix, a rehash, a retelling, in the context of today’s music, comics, and movies. We’ll analyse the history of Santa Claus, listen to 80s pop and research dinosaurs, to see how different sides of a stale subject can yield fresh results, including examples from my own comic series Bonabyl. By it’s conclusion, you’d hopefully have an expanded sense of what originality means, and make more informed, relatable, and creative decisions in your own work.


1. Why remix? A discussion on whether true originality exists at all, and the benefits of reinterpreting old ideas in order to build new ones. A process we’ll call ‘creative evolution’. We’ll examine the different ways people have done it, with great success, and examine one of the most evident areas creative evolution takes place: the music industry.

2. A brief history of Santa Claus. Taking this example we’re all familiar with, we break down the range of interpretations his character has seen over the centuries, and understand how we’ve reached our modern-day interpretation of this jolly old elf; further exploring his iconic use in comics and films, and possible future.

3. Introduction to Bonabyl. A new adventure comic series made in India, and available to read online. I wish to share some of the creative revelations I’ve had over the past few years developing this story, and how existing stories and ancient beliefs were a major source of inspiration.

4. The ethics of using existing ideas. The internet-enabled boom of fan art and cover music, understanding licensing and public-domain material. Introduction to Pickle Jar.

5. Investigating the percentage of original scripts in Hollywood. Does it seem like every movie you watch is a sequel, reboot, or adaptation of an existing works? That’s because it is. We’ll look at the data, and see what it tells us about creative evolution.

6. How public-domain material can be used. And how dinosaur research and the Bible, helped me build the characters and world of my comic Bonabyl.

7. What’s the future of creativity in a world where everything has ‘already been done’?


Speaker bio

Manek D’Silva writes and illustrates the adventure comic series Bonabyl. He’s been a freelance illustrator for 6 years, and loves technology, television, Prog-Rock, and all things geeky.


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