The Entrepreneurship related track of The Goa Project 2016

Gurpreet Singh


How we built a startup from Goa

Submitted Jan 6, 2016

Sharing our experience on how we went about building a startup with 250+ people and leadership in our category from Goa. Maybe some lessons there for others who want to try.


I had been living in Goa for 8+ years when I decided to take the entprepreneurial plunge, my business partner had spent 3 odd years here. We chose the super-competitve ecommerce enabler space for our new startup. The few months, we were oblivious. We just sat in a room and coded.

When we started exposing our startup to the world, we did receive a lot of push-back. Especially from the investors who probably thought we will take their money and blow it up on beer on the shack.I could not imagine spending 2-3 hours every day in traffic, so I stuck to my guns. Or, on a more serious note, not be able to hire a good team.

Fast forward 2 year, we were able to raise money and build a solid company right here in Goa. We want to share some lessons that we learnt along the way, specially about building a startup in a place like Goa.

Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore do not need more people crowding these places in search of meaningful employment. It is time for smaller centers to develop solid companies that provide an alternative. Ambitious professionals should be able to find world-class work without clogging our metros further.

Speaker bio

Co-founder of Browntape.com
Comp. Sc. Engineer, MBA in IT.
Always worked in small, disruptive companies.


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