The Entrepreneurship related track of The Goa Project 2016

Kripi Malviya


TATVA: a travel, nature and arts based emotional awareness and wellness practice

Submitted Jan 4, 2016

This session will introduce TATVA; a new organisation based in Goa that promotes and celebrates conscious self exploration, emotional vulnerability and authenticity. TATVA’s multidisciplinary approach to emotional wellness will give the atendees an opportunity to explore the relationships between mental health awareness, creative expression and travel experiences.


The session will focus on the rewards of cultivating a sense of curiosity about our selves and our lives through psychotherapy and contemplation of questions like: How do we bring a sense of immensity, vastness and calm in our lives? How do we create lasting meaning and purpose? How can we be more present and engaged in our relationships and how can we further enrich our lives and the lives of other people? The importance of creating safe and engaging spaces for dialogue, process, and self understanding will be dicussed in the context of how we relate to ourselves and the world. Our framework is designed to make emotional wellness more open, collaborative, inclusive and far reaching.

Speaker bio

Kripi Malviya is a counsellor, psychologist and poet with a Masters in Clinical Psychology and an International Certification in Addiction Counselling and Training. In the past she has worked with, adolescents, adults, couples and families in a variety of therapeutic settings.

She has worked with multi-disciplinary teams of international mental health professionals, from varied cultures and therapeutic backgrounds. She has facilitated addiction and general mental health training in the South Asian and South East Asian regions; including Bhutan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Thailand.

Kripi is an existentially inclined psychotherapist; who enjoys working with people in all their uniqueness and intricacies by providing them the space to explore themselves. She is the creator of TATVA.


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