The Entrepreneurship related track of The Goa Project 2016

Hemant Albert Soreng


Sustainable Experiential Travel

Submitted Jan 6, 2016

1/ To make the audience aware of the latest travel trend worldwide - Experiential Travel.
2/ To highlight the importance of sustainability in travel.


Experiential travel is not just a buzz word or the latest travel trend worldwide. Its already a way of life for travelers around the world. More than just destinations the focus is on what to do there. And thus one finds trekkers, adventure travelers, divers, foodies, shoppers and so on.
Add one more dimension to it - Sustainability. It opens the world of eco-travel, environment friendly, employment generation locally and so on.
This talk delves on the above and tries to highlight its importance as service providers and as travelers. But, also talks about the business opportunity which benefits stakeholders across the range - the travel co., local service provider, local people, travelers, local govt and administration - encouraging not just employment and income generation but also preserving local traditional art & culture and way of life.


Just an open and receptive mind.

Speaker bio

I am running a startup (www.rustiktravel.com) that is based on this concept - Sustainable Experiential Travel. I am a passionate travel and have been traveling for years now across India and abroad. Therefore, I understand this subject from a business and a customer point of view as well.
Other than that following is my brief profile.
Hemant Albert Soreng is a high-altitude mountaineer, ultra- marathoner, amateur cyclist and digital marketing professional. An early entrepreneur, in 2000, he co-founded eDeltaC Communications, one of the first digital agencies in India, which was bought by Ogilvy, a top advertising agency worldwide, after two years of profitable operations. He then moved on to work for various companies in leadership positions for the next ten years (a period he calls ‘sabbatical’) until he plunged into entrepreneurship and consulting yet again in 2012.
He is also a guest faculty in various Business Schools, a speaker in various forums and regularly advises young entrepreneurs in the Internet space. He is an Electronics & Communication engineer from DCE and has an MBA from IIM Bangalore.
An avid blogger and writer, he has published many books and continues writing about adventure, travel, digital marketing, entrepreneurship and related topics.
More about me at http://hemantsoreng.com/about.html


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