Design Track of The Goa Project 2016

Shipra Bhutada


Know Your Users In Emerging Markets

Submitted Jan 8, 2016

To understand the nuances of designing for rural India.


India has been declared as the fastest growing economy by the World Bank. The untapped markets in rural India cannot be ignored. While all eyes are on the market and everyone is trying to innovate for rural India, how many really understand it, how many new products or services are aligned to their current lifestyle, infrastructure,needs and motivations?’Do you know’ them enough?

Having spent 10 years in understanding and designing for Indian users, both urban and rural, I’d like to share my experiences and learnings on conducting effective and successful user research in rural India.
I’m hoping this will benefit both design and non-design groups on the journey of understanding their users better.

Speaker bio

Currently works at DLabs as a Principal Human Factors Researcher, where most of her days are spent in interaction with end users, understanding them, their motivations, needs and desires. In the past she has worked with Microsoft and Kern Communications.

For the last 10 yrs Shipra has been impacting making products that are meaningful, desirable and easy to use. At Microsoft she worked with various products groups such as MS Office on Android, CRM Dynamics, Lync and conceptualized new products for Indian markets. At Kern Communications she worked very closely with the product teams of global leaders of mobile manufacturers and services to design experiences of early years smartphones hardware and services for their India market.

Shipra is a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Post Graduate in New Media from National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad.


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