Design Track of The Goa Project 2016

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Lenses or Frames are a crucial element in any design. Through the last few years of TGP we’ve been exploring methodologies & principles of design, thoughts on various domains of design & your journeys through novel concepts & explorations. This year we thought we should pick up one lens through which you can view your design - Designing through the lens of India.

Being a part of a global community means taking in a lot of concepts from the east and west giving rise to a state of constant flux - but what have these trends meant for our cities, people and places? Through this years design track we want to invite speakers to talk about their work through principles, ideologies or (even better) work samples of how they’ve understood an element of our country and designed for it.

We’re throwing out a few ideas to elaborate the type of topics we’d like to encourage this year - Designing for preserving our past / cultural heritage, designing for the evolving needs of rural India, designing urban farming techniques to grow crops more economically, Designing modern housing units (and also in the process defining what it means to be a Modern Indian!), designing a type-face resonating the spirit of urban youth, designing a system of ethics for using mobile apps, designing for local eco-systems, designing a rural education system that allows you to earn while you learn. We’re keen on understanding the challenges you pick up in your work / your practice and through it understand the elements of an Indian context you work with.