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When shell met me

Submitted Mar 1, 2023

Slides: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1YglkTUqoy6x6mRqcx2HYQKk3OTBWGT6WhAT_yR5iRZY/edit


One of the most important parts of a developer’s workflow is shell. We spend a lot of time interacting with it. People even say mastering it would help one grow into a much better power user. So what better way to learn about it than implementing one? And that is how I ended up nerdsniping (mandatory xkcd ref: https://xkcd.com/356/ ) myself into implementing Dead Simple Shell ( DSS ) xD

Here I am to help you understand how does shell work under the hood and what are my learnings while implementing one in Rust :)

You can find shell’s code here:

What I am going to cover

  • Shell for babies
  • Difference between shell, terminal and console
  • Understanding different shell features
  • Understanding shells from system calls perspective
  • Interesting learnings from my experience implementing one in Rust
  • Where can you start doing the same?

Who am I?

Hunlo! I am Fenil Jain, currently an SDE at Dyte, where I work on livestreaming technologies. When I am not hacking on HLS, I am a compiler + Rust nerd. I can be found either making some cool project in Rust, contributing to Rust tooling like rust-analyzer, rust-clippy or reading about type theories xD

You can find me on different platforms:


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