A discussion on the technical alternatives to internet shutdowns

Understanding how to leverage alternative communication networks

An open mobile radio network

Ashhar Farhan, co-founder of Lamakaan

24 January 2020

About Wireless Mesh Networks

Arjun Venkatraman

24 January 2020

Circumventing internet shutdowns

Karan Saini

24 January 2020

Intermediary liability rules in India


7 August 2020

Leveraging Community Radio as an alternative during internet shutdowns

Ramakrishnan Nagarajan

24 January 2020

LoRaWAN Demystified and its applications beyond IoT

Akshai M, embedded HW researcher and LoRaWAN Engineer

24 January 2020

Introduction to the discussion on "Technical Alternatives to Internet Shutdowns"

Kiran Jonnalagadda, CTO at HasGeek, organizer of Kaarana community; Srinivas Kodali, organizer of Kaarana community

24 January 2020