A discussion on the technical alternatives to internet shutdowns

Understanding how to leverage alternative communication networks

LoRaWAN Demystified and its applications beyong IoT

Submitted by Akshai M (@akshaim) on Jan 9, 2020

Status: Confirmed & Scheduled


The session ( more a discussion) will introduce the participants to LoRaWAN, Network and Security Architecture, its pros and cons and technical possbilities and challenges to transmit non real time data for those “needy” situations.


Tech : LoRaWAN is a star of stars network which makes use of LoRa Radio that works in ISM band and LoRaWAN MAC , an Open Source MAC by LoRa Alliance

Demo : The session will walk through making and transmitting an Encrypted LoRaWAN Payload to Network Server via a LoRaWAN Gateway . The payload is thendecrypted and exposed using an Application server and displayed using a dashboard.

Prospects : Route messages between LoRaWAN Edge Devices to establish a basic network using MQTT Service.

Problem Statements :

  • How to design an efficient packet forwarder in edge devices to transmit to devices ?
  • Packet routing between devices using MQTT service in App Server?
  • What should be the minimum data rate ?


Please see this tutorial [1] on LoRaWAN prior to attending the event. Please bring you laptops if you want to see the data for yourself

[1] : https://openiot.in/blog/Get-Started-with-LoRaWAN-in-India/

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  • srinivas kodali (@iotakodali) 6 months ago

    Akshai, It would be great if you could explain the LoRaWAN protocol and the bandwith limitations. I hope it is already part of the talk.

    • Zainab Bawa (@zainabbawa) Crew 6 months ago

      Yes, this will be very helpful in evaluating whether different levels of effectiveness of LoRaWAN in diverse shutdown situations.

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