Faster, Better, Cheaper - Together

Faster, Better, Cheaper - Together

Reflections on the craft and science of managing software projects

Pramod Biligiri

Pramod Biligiri


Deepti Agrawal

Deepti Agrawal


When Quality Matters: Transcending resource barriers during software delivery

Submitted Oct 18, 2023

Date and time: Dec 21, Thu, 6 PM - 7 PM IST

Can the pressure to satisfy short term deadlines be detrimental to solving genuinely hard problems? Does it prevent you from iterating upon what you have achieved so far? How do you decide when to dig deep and ask for more time and resources in the best interest of a project’s success? Deepti Agrawal will reflect upon these questions based on her experiences.

About the speaker
Deepti Agrawal is a Director of Engineering at Flipkart. She is experienced in building large scale systems, managing teams, building scalable architectures and infrastructure. She likes to build products that are functional, resilient and have a great user experience.

About the moderator
Mayankk Banerjee is an engineering leader with 25yrs+ of hands-on technology and management experience. He has built deep tech and high throughput solutions, and works as an executive coach and fractional CTO.


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