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Faster, Better, Cheaper - Together

Reflections on the craft and science of managing software projects

Pramod Biligiri

Pramod Biligiri


Gaurav Lochan

Gaurav Lochan

@gauravl Editor

Software Delivery: Prioritizing and optimizing for impact

Submitted Oct 18, 2023

Date and time: Nov 29, Wed, 9 PM - 9:30 PM IST, followed by 30 min of Q&A

Any startup has more things to do than it has engineering bandwidth for. Yet, a common mistake fast moving teams can make is to pick projects without enough diligence on the potential impact. When the project is delivered, they don’t see the expected impact (or worse, don’t even measure it), theorise why, and then move on to the next project.

One thing I learned at Facebook was to invest time on understanding the problem, identifying levers, calculating the potential impact, and then agreeing on appropriate data to measure impact and progress. And when projects don’t deliver the expected impact, there is even more effort spent to understand why, and potentially iterate (or halt when appropriate).

I’m going to share a few examples and pitfalls, and maybe talk about cupcakes too. This is relevant to EMs as well as ICs, since impact is universally loved 🙂

About the speaker
Gaurav Lochan is a Head of Engineering (and US site lead) for PhonePe, where he manages the app platform team. Prior to that, he worked at Meta and WhatsApp for 8 years on mobile platforms and market specific efforts, at Little Eye Labs, Flipkart, his own Android startup (in 2012), and companies like VMware and Microsoft

About the moderator
Sanchita Agarwal is an engineering leader with more than a decade of experience building mobile first products. In her last role, she was Head of Engineering at Obvious, a digital product consultancy where she led delivery of multiple cross platform projects for products like Swiggy and Slice. Before that, she helped build the Android Partner app at Ola and the Health & Chat apps at Samsung R&D India.


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