Faster, Better, Cheaper - Together

Faster, Better, Cheaper - Together

Reflections on the craft and science of managing software projects

Pramod Biligiri

Pramod Biligiri


Ranjan Sakalley


A bird's eye view of software project management - a conversation with Ranjan Sakalley

Submitted Oct 18, 2023

Date and time: Nov 3, Fri, 5:30 PM - 6:15 PM IST

What makes software project management hard or distinct? How would you guide today’s engineering leaders to situate themselves in the vast landscape of software delivery? Do people apply processes without understanding why they work? Ranjan Sakalley will share his perspective on these and more such questions.

About the speaker
Ranjan managed engineering for an Indian edTech company called Vedantu. Before that, he worked for GoJek as CTO and VP of Engineering. He has been a software developer since 2002, and prior to GoJek, worked for about a decade at ThoughtWorks, a software consultancy firm.

About the moderator
Rubela has led technical project management teams across organisations like Oracle, Visa and is currently at Conde Nast. She has worked across and managed globally distributed teams.


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