Scalable Data Privacy Engineering

Scalable Data Privacy Engineering

Balancing scale, with privacy and utility is doable.

Sreenath S Kamath


May I have my data please?

Submitted Apr 9, 2021

In a world where we collect as much user data to make their journey as personalized as possible, it’s also important to adhere to compliance requirements where a user can request both deletion (forget) or a dump (access) of their data. As a centralized data-platform team, this was a huge challenge for us at Disney + Hotstar. Owning the platform, while various teams owned the data meant that we had to provide a distributed way for every team to support data-subject requests while coordinating & orchestrating it altogether at the same time. In this talk, we discuss the various approaches we considered & discuss the architecture of handling data-subject requests that allows us to scale as more systems (as well as the data they use) grow within the ecosystem.


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