Rootconf proposals for round the year in 2018

Rootconf proposals for round the year in 2018

On DevOps, security, cloud and IT infrastructure

Tiju John


State of Deployment Managers for Cloud (CFT vs ARM vs GDM)

Submitted Mar 14, 2018

In this talk compare the various native deployment templates solution for cloud like CFT for AWS, ARM for Azure and GDM for Google. It also talk about the learnings of building deployment solution for a product for 3 cloud providers. It examines the strengths and limitations faced by each of technologies.

The talk also explores option of using platform independent solutions terraform vs the natives technologies.


  1. Introduce CFT and advanced features (2 Slides)
  2. Introduce ARM and advanced features (2 Slides)
  3. Introduce GDM and advanced features (2 Slides)
  4. Compare and Contrast the technologies
  5. Compare with Platform Independent technologies like Terraform

Speaker bio

Technical Architect who provides technology leadership to product and solution teams on building distributed computing solutions on cloud and virtualized platforms.

An innovator who had driven the development of new products and an inventor who had published patents and defensive publications. Also, passionate about technology who had given many technical talks at conferences.


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