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Neelu Tripathy


Security When Working from Home

Submitted Apr 6, 2020

The pandemic of COVID-19 has brought with it a paradigm shift in how people operate and work. Most of us, who went to office earlier and worked from the trusted ‘office wifi’ are now connecting from our homes. There are many unforeseen scenarios we may find ourselves in, which requires the right decision making to ensure security and confidentiality of our data & devices in general.

This session will discuss some key questions that should help the audience securely work from their homes. This discussion will also help decision makers to ensure they are equipped with the right set of policies for the workforce to enable them to work securely. We will also discuss some key aspects of data security and trust boundaries which will empower the audience to make the right choices during this time.


Introduction to current situation and topic.

Relevance to keep economy going
Challenges, Incidents
Personal security: When working from home

     Device Security- MDMs
     Network- Securing Home Network or Wifi
     Social Engineering

Channels of Communication

     Weakness and Configuration
     Channels such as Zoom, Teams, Skype


     Strengthening BYOD, Zero Trust Networks
     Flexible but robust Network Boundaries
     Data Handling, Encryption
     Online Collab Tools/Apps, Support Issues


Target audience:

· IT, Software and everyone working from home

· Remote working staff working over internet

· Decision making authorities- organization policy makers for Security

· Sensitive Data Handlers, admins operating remotely

Speaker bio

Neelu Tripathy is security practice lead at ThoughtWorks India


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