Fearless Joins: Just enough SQL to be effective

Fearless Joins: Just enough SQL to be effective

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If you work with SQL, you invariably come across questions like:

  1. What is a lateral join?
  2. When do I pick what kind of join?
  3. Rectangular join? What?
  4. What happens if you mix inner and outer joins together?

With simple practical examples, and visual represenation of the joins, Swanand Pagnis will cover:

  1. Why is it called a join and what exactly does it mean?
  2. The concepts behind “inner/outer” and “left/right” and how DB engines determine which rows will be in ResultSet.
  3. The technique of “one at a time” in building large, complex joins.

About the speaker: Swanand Pagnis is senior backend engineer, leader, and mentor, with a focus on web application development and relational databases. He has been using and teaching MySQL, PostgreSQL for over 10 years.

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Fearless joins: just enough SQL to be effective

Swanand Pagnis

2 hours 5 September 2020

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