Digital Personal Data Protection (DPDP) Bill

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The draft Digital Personal Data Protection Bill (DPDP) 2022 is finally out. The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) is hosting a final round of consultation. This draft gives us a direction of regualtions and how it might impact engineering practices across various industries. The draft brings in new frameworks and mechanisms which the industry will have to implement.

This activity is an open tap, including a series of discussions on the Draft Bill to discuss the new regulatory mechanisms and implications.

Topics which will be discussed

  • Consent and operational management of Consent Managers.
  • Deemed Consent and limitations across the industry.
  • Impact on business and data products.
  • Cybersecurity and privacy engineering practices.
  • Data deletion, retention and archival.
  • Engineering encryption, anonymization and differential privacy.
  • Cross border flow of data; compliance
  • Consent notice and obligations to users.
  • Role of Data Fiduciaries (DFs) and Data Protection Officers (DPOs).
  • Regulatory compliance and Data Protection Board.
  • Privacy and safeguards for children and adolescents.

About the curator

This series is curated by Srinivas Kodali. Kodali is an independent researcher and civic hacker.

Who should attend the discussions and meetings:

Product Managers, engineers, analysts, compliance officers and teams, and anyone who works with personal data in the industry can benefit from these discussions. Journalists and academic practitioners are also welcome to join the discussions.

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